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03:25:00 PM
I've been updating this website after a long hiatus - new material on page 7 and added a "Gear" page.
07:05:56 AM
The "Extended Cycle" Patterns work for the actual "Speed Scales" if you include an additional shift up one fret whenever you move to the "B" string - you'll see all the patterns fit.
07:24:02 AM
Bob, I had one problem, and it is on page 1. I cannot apply your mnemonic to the 7 individual patterns, although I think I see how it applies on the extended cycle. Any tips or clarification you can offer? Thank you. (Kicking myself in the butt to practice, I almost quit a couple of times.)
07:11:05 AM
Bob, I took guitar lessons when I was 12, it took 2 years to get started with playing lead guitar, but I gave up. I am now 50 and I picked up my guitar again to force myself to learn, I visited dozens, then hundreds of websites explaining the guitar. You made it so very straightforward in 7 pages, it all came together, I learned more in 2 weeks than my first 2 years! Thank you.
10:43:29 AM
This is a fantastic lesson! Nicely done! I do have a question about it however, and would rather not post it on the guestbook. Again, this is awesome! Good job!
Ditshupo Dux
07:47:45 AM
Stunning!I have watched G3, listened to Maiden, Hammerfall, Hendrix, Whitesnake and have struggled for a long time with jamming along with the music now i can. My lead and solos got the sting! From Amok(Heavy Metal Band)Thanks a lots
08:55:36 AM
Good website, i have another for guitar lessons, check on: Thanks